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Extreme Weather!

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Thunder - Lightning                    Hurricanes                         Tornadoes                                   Floods                                        Blizzards


Weather 101


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You are a meteorologist and must warn the public of an extreme weather event and its dangers that is coming.

You will create a weather report like a meteorologist would present that includes an eye-witness account of the weather event!

Your weather report/presentation will need to include the following information:


  • What path is this weather event taking? Include a map and describe the climate where it is taking place.
  • What are the characteristics of this weather event?
  • Describe famous extreme weather events that have happened in the past. Include the extent of the damage the event caused.
  • What weather instruments are used to track this event? What other ways can this weather event be tracked?
  • What are the major hazards posed by this weather event? Include hazards that occur both during and after the event.
  • How should people prepare for it? What should they do if caught outside during it?


Weather report from Katrina


Severe Winter Storm report



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